About Divox

DiVOX represents ultrafashionable line of MP3/MP4 players, information storage devices and navigating systems (GPS/GLONASS).

The main task of our company is high-quality equipment manufacturing and meeting customer needs. There are three possible ways to get technical support:

1 – online technical support service is available on our site

2 - technical support service is available by phone – till 9.00 PM, without days off

3 – you can get help in one of the service centers.

Presently our trade missions are being opened in all big cities of the country.Now clients of our company can get full information on the chosen model mp3 player and get the goods not only via Internet shop, but also in any large shopping center in their own cit

In terms of company development strategy we plan building of a hi-tech industrial complex manufacturing mp3 players and other portable devices in Russia. At the beginning of 2008 the company has started a line producing navigating equipment (GPS/GLONASS systems). All equipment is produced by a plant, which has European quality certificates and ISO; that allows you to consider the mp3 players quality as high. The unique features are developed by a collaborating group of Chinese and Russian engineers. All the devices use only high-quality memory Samsung Class A, which are tested by the additional quality control before being installe

We hope, that among wide assortment of our production presented on the site you will find YOUR mp3 player . Company DIVOX production is adapted for the Russian consumer - high quality and comprehensible prices


DIVOX it is fashionable, stylish and reliable!

Phone: +7 (495) 728-56-52 

e-mail: sales@divox.ru, info@divox.ru, partners@divox.ru 

Skype: divox_company 

The Divox industrial complex in Shenzhen, China.